Energy Efficiency is Our Human Energy

Energy efficiency is powering a resilient economic recovery for Canada, bringing us zero-carbon buildings and facilities, a net-zero productive economy, and meaningful careers.

Meet our Career Guides

Ruvi Mugara

Ruvi Mugara

Senior Program Manager for Efficiency Nova Scotia Programs, Thinkwell Shift
Kirk Johnson

Kirk Johnson

President, Eco-Efficiency Consulting
Shannon Giebelhaus

Shannon Giebelhaus

Registered Energy Advisor and Trainer, VT Group of Companies
Fellipe Falluh

Fellipe Falluh

Founder, Retrofit Construction
Nikki Muswaggon

Nikki Muswaggon

Apprentice Electrician, NRG Management
Fatima Crerar

Fatima Crerar

Director of Impact and Sustainability, ecobee


Canadians working in
energy efficiency*

By the Numbers

Canadians employed in
energy efficiency

in revenue was generated by energy efficiency businesses in 2018

businesses delivering energy efficiency across Canada

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