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Registered Energy Advisor and Trainer, VT Group of Companies

As an enthusiastic, avid learner with a passion for all things efficiency, Shannon navigates her journey in the energy industry with an open-mind and a can-do attitude. Her excitement around new ideas and upcoming innovation have led her to several unique opportunities that she contributes to her success. 

Shannon approaches her work with a holistic mindset, valuing the impact of change on all scales, and how complex systems work together. Before working in the energy efficiency industry, Shannon embraced this philosophy through her work in the agricultural industry, with small-scale, sustainable farms all over the world. 

Today, Shannon is an energy advisor at VT Group of Companies, where she shares her knowledge with homeowners by educating them on the energy efficiency upgrades they can make in their homes. 

Shannon believes that always welcoming unique opportunities that fuel her interests has paved the way to where she is today. She shares her journey and inspires others to always seek out opportunities that excite them and help to make the world a better place.

Advice on Entering the Energy Efficiency Sector

As a female and a Black female, there are always going to be obstacles. That doesn’t mean, however, that I didn’t face them head-on. I like a challenge. I welcome it, actually. It motivates me. So for any women out there who are BIPOC or women in general, we are dominating a very male-induced industry.

Ruvi Mugara

Project Manager, Thinkwell Shift

Where things are trending in workforce development is, upskilling the soft skills that you don’t have. We’ve recognized that it’s not just learning the technical stuff, you have to give them the management skills and the business skills and the stakeholder engagement skills.

Kirk Johnson

President, Eco-Efficiency Consulting

The great thing is that with this sector, there is such a need for workers that they are offering courses to everyone. That’s really opening up for people. You don’t need to go back to school necessarily. Go do a degree or diploma. You can take like little courses at a time to upskill yourself and make yourself relevant.

Shannon Giebelhaus

Energy Advisor, VT Group of Companies

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